Baltija ice-cream communication

Baltija ice cream updated their brand connecting it with its main mission – care for Baltic sea.

Challenge for us: longterm campaign creation

Solution: Main slogan: Baltija Tavo rankose (Baltija is in your hands) . Slogan, which not only reflects brand’s care, but at the same time is inspiring and inviting people to pay their attention to Baltic sea and its problems. Key visual: Baltija ice cream shape portion in hands with Baltic sea view, two Baltijas’ in your hands. Campaign summary: At the Palanga’s city seaside were organised cleaning campaigns, exchanged ice cream portions to people’s collected and brought rubbish. In live and in their social media K. Pišniukaitė – Šimkienė ir J. Baltrukonytė were the ambassadors and leaders of brand’s campaign execution. As main communication base were chosen sustainability topic focus versus basic different taste marketing approach. And as results showed, it was appreciated by people.  During the campaign there were more than 15k ice cream products exchanged! As a supportive marketing channels for campaign’s communication were chosen:, radio games, PR articles and summer lottery in retail.

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