Hellmann’s Easter Campaigns

We celebrated Easter 2021 with Hellmann’s!
We lived & breathed Easter since winter: there were a lot to create, plan, learn & implement with the Baltic’s FOOD IS TOO GOOD TO BE WASTED campaign.
It’s time to share our creations:

We invaded various influencers homes & fridges with professional chefs.
What we found there, what excuses we heard & what tasty meals were prepared from their #leftovers you can check on the FRIDGE RAID series.

It’s good to give back. All of us are guilty of food waste, while others starve.
Hellmann’s gave out more than 1700 mayo jars to those in need & inspired amazing social personalities from the Baltics to contribute.

We set ourselves a goal to make Thursday – leftovers day. Our goal was to inspire people to use everything they have before going shopping. A bunch of Baltic influencers worked on saving hacks and recipes made out of #leftovers & you can find their recipes at https://greattasteclub.com/recipes/

Boy of boy, we love gifts! Giving them even more than receiving. We created a perfect Hellmann’s goodie bags & sent in out to influencers.
Main goal was to inspire a positive change by challenging them to prepare something out of #leftovers & spark an interest in global #foodwaste problem. Everything tastes better with Hellmann’s!

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