Lithuanian Crematorium 10th b-day

Lithuanian Crematorium is the first modern crematorium in Lithuania. It opened its doors 10 years ago and this year approached us about organizing their birthday event.

How to organize an event for funeral service representatives – crematorium partners – from all over Lithuania? This question had our team scratching their head, because of the sensitive activities and the diversity of the participants. We decided to organise the event in the middle of Lithuania – in Kaunas – and invite the guests to the Euroleague basketball game of the favourite Lithuanian team – Kauno Žalgiris. Žalgiris is having a hard time this season, so they are in need of support. The guests reacted very positively, the support for the team was outstanding. Events cherry on top was an unexpected victory of Žalgiris. Was it planned? Don’t ask, we can’t answer anyway.

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